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Boathouse Application

  1. Lake Welfare Committee Agenda Boathouse Application

    Lake Welfare Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6PM at City Hall in the Council Chambers unless otherwise noted. Applicants MUST be in attendance at the meeting or action WILL NOT be taken by the Lake Welfare Committee. DEADLINES- Applications are to be submitted to the Clerk's Office no later than 30 days prior to the meeting. A Complete submittal includes the $150 application fee, one set of the documents as indicated on the second page of the application paper and digitally (PDF).


  3. Property Owner Information

  4. Applicant Information

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  5. Items Needed for Boathouse Sibmittal to Lake Welfare Committee*

    **One paper copy and one electronic (PDF) is required**

  6. You fee can be paid via credit card on the submission confirmation page.

  7. 17.24 Definitions

    Boathouse. An accessory structure located close to the ordinary high water mark and designed and used for the storage of boats and accessory marine equipment normally used in the daily activities of lakefront property and which has a large garage type door for primary access on the side of the building facing the water. (Am. #602) Rain garden. A shallow depression in the soil into which stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, i.e., pavement and roofs, are directed. Rain gardens are planted with native Wisconsin grasses and forbs with deep root systems, in compliance with the City of Delafield Lake Nagawicka Rain Garden Planting List, to allow water to infiltrate into the soil. (Cr. #602) How to build a rain garden:

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