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  1. Report a Pothole
    Hello and thank you for taking the time to report a pothole in the City of Delafield! The City of Delafield does year-round repairs on potholes depending on weather, safety, and workload. We will make every effort to repair the pothole as soon as possible. Please be aware we do not repair any portions of I-94 or County roads.
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  3. Pothole Information
  4. Why do we want your email or phone?
    If we have any questions about the pothole, we would like to be able to contact you. We do not have the ability to contact you when the item is completed. We do not sell this information.
  5. I have already filled out a form and it has not been fixed. What do I do?
    If the item has not been resolved within 3 weeks from your first submission, please submit another request.
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