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Temporary Operator (Bartender) License Application

  1. Temporary Operator (Bartender) License Application
    This license has to be approved by the Common Council. Please allow background check and Common Council approval time. Recommended - 45 days.
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  5. Have you Completed and Passed the Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training Course?*
    Server's Training Course NOT required for Temporary License Applicants
  6. Have you ever been issued a Liqour or Operator's License before?*
  7. Has any such license or any application for such license ever been any of the following?*
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  10. I, the undersigned, do hereby respectfully make application to the local governing body of the City of Delafield, County of Waukesha, Wisconsin, for an "Operator's" license as provided by Section 125.17 of the Wisconsin Statutes, for the licensing year ending June 30, 2018. I certify that I am eighteen years of age or older. I am familiar with the laws, ordinances and regulations and I hereby agree if granted said license, to obey all provisions of said laws. I understand that all of my answers on this information sheet will be considered in connection with my license applications. I also understand that all answers herein are made under oath, and that false swearing is a crime as defined in Section 939.12 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Licenses may be revoked by the Common Council if the licensee violates the law or if he or she fails to comply with state statutes or city ordinances, or if any answers contained in the application or in this information sheet are false. I understand incomplete and incorrect information may lead to the denial of this license.
  11. By Submitting this form, you have read and understand the information in this application and will adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the City of Delafield.
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