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Liquor License Agent Change Application

  1. City of Delafield Liquor License Agent Change Application
    The license cannot be completed until the police have completed the background check, the Common Council has approved the license, and the payment has been made. Note: if there are any outstanding invoices due to the City or the County, you may not be approved until those invoices are paid in full. Payment should be mailed to the Clerk's office at 500 Genesee St. Delafield, WI 53018.
    By submitting this document, you acknowledge the following: I understand I must pay the agent fee in full. I understand I can have no outstanding bills with the City of Delafield and possibly Waukesha County. I understand the agent information is sent to the Police Department for a background check, a legal notice for the license is placed in the paper, and the Common Council must approve the license application before the Clerk can send me my license.
  3. No paper licenses will be mailed out except upon written request. Licenses must be displayed and be visible from the point of sale.
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