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  1. Community Event Planning Permit
    Submittals are due 60 DAYS prior to event. Submittals will not be considered unless complete. You must include a Certificate of Insurance: naming the City of Delafield as an additional insured party. You must include a Site Plan: Site Plan/Map must include location, any street closures, barricades, race/parade routes, stages, alcohol sale location, tents, garbage cans etc. This also includes setup areas.
  2. Event Information*
  3. Other than the event itself, what time will you be there. If more than one time, indicate in comment box.
  4. Contact Information
  5. Event Details
    Calendars for availability are located on our website or call 262-646-6220.
  6. Fish Hatchery*
    *If yes, check our online calendar for the Fish Hatchery or call 262-646-6220 to check availability
  7. City Park*
    *If yes, check our online calendar for the specific park or call 262-646-6220 to check availability
  8. Walk/Run and/or Parades*
  9. Walk/Run Emergency Medical Plan?*
  10. Will there be street closures?
  11. if applicable
  12. Temporary Structures:*
    *tents, stages, signs, etc.
  13. Barricades Needed:*
    # if Needed
  14. Trash Receptacles:
    * for recycling bins and bags contact the Parks & Land Uses Division at 262-896-8300
  15. Electricity:*
  16. Restrooms:*
  17. Rental agency name and telephone
  18. Applicant agrees to take responsibility for the setup of any barrels/barricades and cleanup of the event.*
  19. Alcohol being served?*
  20. *Application for a Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License must be submitted and approved to serve beer and wine, along with Temporary Operators (Bartenders) Licenses. *For already licensed Agents an Extension of Premise form is required.
  21. Food Sales?*
    * If yes contact Waukesha County Health Department at 262-896-8300.
  22. Food Trucks?*

    *If yes - Events utilizing food truck vendors are limited to 72 hours. The same organization or entity may not have food trucks at events more than two times per year without approval by the Plan Commission. Participating food truck vendors MUST be listed and food truck locations must be indicated on the submitted site plan. (Updated per PC Policy 9/29/21)

  23. List ALL participating food truck vendors. Vendors not listed may be fined per City ordinance. 

  24. Live bands or music?*
  25. Fireworks?*
    *if yes please fill out Firework Permit below
  26. City of Delafield Required Services
  27. DPW Set up*
  28. Police Services*
    *if deemed needed by Delafield PD applicant must comply to fees
  29. Ambulance Services*
  30. Fire Department Services*
  31. Application Fee:*
    Online payment, check, or cash (nonrefundable) must be sent to the City of Delafield at least 60 days prior to the event. All supporting documentation and fees must be received prior to applications being approved. Do not send cash in the mail. The online payment option will be available on the submission confirmation page.
  32. Must name the City of Delafield as an additional insured party.
  33. Additional Event Packet Forms*
    If you will be sending in any additional forms, please indicate them above. Fees can be paid all together. For the most current pricing, please call 262-646-6220.
  34. Note
    Any not-for-profit group who wishes to apply for a fee waiver for Fish Hatchery fees associated with an Event Permit must meet with the Park and Recreation Commission. The applicant is required to attend the meeting held on the 4th Monday of each month. Plan your attendance early. If you are not able to meet with Park and Rec prior to your event, you will be charged the full amount.
  35. Legal Notice
    I understand that the filing of this application does not ensure approval of this Event . I also understand that all event organizers and participants must comply with all applicable City Ordinances, traffic rules, park rules, County and State health laws, fire codes and liquor licensing regulations, etc. In addition, to the fullest extent permitted by law and regulations, the permittee shall indentify and hold harmless the City of Delafield, its officers and employees against all claims, costs, losses and damages arising out of or relating to the conduct of the event or to the destruction of tangible property, bodily injury, sickness, disease or death. Termination of Event: The City and its representatives reserve the right to shut down an event that is in process if it is determined to be a safety hazard by the Police and/or Fire Departments and/or there is a violation of City Ordinances, State Statutes or the terms of the approved application. The City Administrator and/or his designee may revoke an approved Event Permit if the applicant fails to comply in good faith with the provisions of the permit prior to event date. I further understand that an incomplete application may be cause for denial of this event. By submitting this application, the permittee states that the information given on this form is true and accurate.
  36. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  37. PD Review
    Approval Recommended
  38. DPW Review
    Approval Recommended
  39. Lake Country Fire Review
    Approval Recommended
  40. City Hall Review
    Approval Recommended
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