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Dog License Application

  1. Welcome to the Online Dog License Application
    If your dog is not licensed by April 1, a $10.00 late fee per dog will be added to the total fees. In addition, a citation could be issued to you by the Police Department for failure to license your dog. PLEASE NOTIFY THE CLERK'S OFFICE IF YOU NO LONGER OWN A DOG.
  2. Proof of rabies vaccine showing name of veterinarian and date of vaccine, as well as expiration date is required before the license will be issued, per state statutes. Upload a copy of your most recent rabies vaccination certification below. You can pay online with a credit card, through the mail with a check, or in person with cash, check or a credit card. Please make checks payable to CITY OF DELAFIELD.
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  7. Once you have submitted this form, you will be placed in a queue. Only upon payment of fees will the dog license be active. Once the fee is received, your dog tag will be mailed to you. YOUR LICENSE IS NOT VALID WITHOUT PAYMENT. You can use the submission confirmation page to direct you to pay with a credit card. Or you can mail your check to: City of Delafield, 500 Genesee St. Delafield, WI 53018 or use our drop box outside of the library.
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