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DMV Check Online Submission

  1. Welcome to the City of Delafield's Wisconsin Election DMV Check Form
    Only fill this form out if you have been sent a letter or an email asking for information. Also only fill out the item asked for in your letter or email. If you would rather call and complete this request with someone at the City Hall, please call 262-646-6220.
  2. Note
    Once we eneter the information, it will take up to 3 days to communicate with the DMV. When we correct one piece, it may tell us in 3 days that something else is wrong and we now need to fix other information. You may receive more than one letter or email. Please do not assume it is for the same thing. We do not have direct access to the DMV. Example: We ask for your Driver License Number because the DMV tells us it was "not found". After we correct the Driver License Number, we receive and error on the spelling of your name associated with the Driver License Number.
  3. Please include all spaces, dashes, lowercase, etc. as shown on your Driver License.
  4. If you have an out of state Driver License, please do not submit.
  5. Last 4 of Your Social Security Number
    We will never have you send an email or fill out an online form for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. We only need this if you do not have a Driver License. Please call 262-646-6220 if you have been asked to provide the last 4 of your SSN. We will only send requests on City of Delafield Letterhead for this information with instructions to call.
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