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Address or Name Change - Utility Bill

  1. Address or Name Change for Utility Billing
    If you are changing your address for your Utility Bill, please fill out this form. Incomplete forms will be denied.
  2. What is on the bill now. Include City, State, Zip.
  3. What would you like on the bill? Include City, State, Zip
  4. Is this a result of a sale?*
  5. Please Note:
    If this is a change due to the sale of your home, we cannot use "current resident" on the bill. You must provide the information from the sale paperwork.
  6. If this is a result of a sale and the information you have provided is not accurate, the bill will be changed back to your name. Fees and penalties for lack of payment would be your responsibility and could be added to the tax bill if unpaid.
    By submitting this request, you are accepting the terms of this form.
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