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Clerk-Treasurer's Office

  1. 2021/2022 Bow Hunter - Landowner Matching Program

    Landowners use this application to give notice that you would allow approved bow hunters to hunt at select times on your property

  2. Alcohol Beverage License Renewal Applications
  3. Certificate of Liability Insurance Upload

    to include the City of Delafield as an additional insured.

  4. Delafield Deer Hunter Application

    Before being offered a place to hunt in the City of Delafield, you must fill out this form.

  5. Dog License Application
  6. Event Packet
  7. Firework Application
  8. License Application for Peddlers, Canvassers, & Transient Merchants
  9. Operator (Bartender) License Application - July 1 to June 30
  10. Request for Public Records

    Request for public records, open records. Does not include police.

  11. Temporary Operator (Bartender) License Application
  1. Address or Name Change - Utility Bill
  2. Application for Appointment to the Common Council, Board, Commission, or Committee
  3. Complaint Form
  4. DMV Check Online Submission

    This will be included in DMV check letters and emails for people to be able to correct their information online.

  5. Election Inspector Application
  6. Extension of Premise - Liquor License
  7. Goose Egg Oiling/Goose Roundup Form
  8. Liquor License Agent Change Application
  9. Request for Accommodation

    Any person who has a qualifying disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act shall not be excluded from participation... More…

  10. Temporary Liquor License (Picnic)