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Clerk-Treasurer's Office

  1. Application for Appointment to the Common Council, Board, Commission, or Committee
  2. Complaint Form
  3. Dog License Application
  4. Event Packet
  5. Goose Egg Oiling/Goose Roundup Form
  6. Liquor License Application
  7. Plan Commission Agenda Application
  8. Request for Public Records

    Request for public records, open records. Does not include police.

  1. Boathouse Application
  2. Delafield Deer Hunter Application

    Before being offered a place to hunt in the City of Delafield, you must fill out this form.

  3. Election Inspector Application
  4. Firework Application
  5. License Application for Peddlers, Canvassers, & Transient Merchants
  6. Operator (Bartender) License Application
  7. Request for Accommodation

    Any person who has a qualifying disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act shall not be excluded from participation... More…

  8. Temporary Operator (Bartender) License Application

Delafield Public Library Registration Forms

  1. DPL Program Registration Form Template

    Please register for our programs using this form. Each family member must be registered individually.

DPW Forms

  1. Adopt-A-Street Application

    Adopt-A-Street is a volunteer program which encourages local groups, Scout Troops, business and civic organizations, churches,... More…

  2. Application for Bulk Water
  3. Downtown Directional Sign Application
  4. Hydrant Water Use Application
  5. Permanent Sign Permit Application
  6. Report a Pothole

    Report a Pothole

  7. Report an Overgrown/Fallen City Tree

    Report an Overgrown/Fallen City Tree

  8. Right-of-Way Tree Request Form
  9. Temporary Sign Permit Application
  10. Wood Chip Request Form
  1. Adopt-A-Street Clean-Up Report

    Adopt-A-Street participants must fill out and submit a Clean-Up Report after every completed pick-up. Thank you for helping to keep the... More…

  2. Doggie Station Donation/ Sponsorship Form
  3. Erosion Control
  4. Park and Sports Facilities Rental Application
  5. Report a Dead Animal

    Report a Dead Animal

  6. Report a Street Light Out

    Report a Street Light Out

  7. Report Noxious Weeds

    Report Noxious Weeds 10.02(6)

  8. Street Opening and Right-of-Way Permit Application
  9. Traffic Sign/Improvement Request Form