Lake Management

Welcome to the City of Delafield Lake Management page!

Click Lake Welfare Committee to review items from current and past meetings. Items of interest and links to other resources are also available on their page. 

In order to keep our lake a safe and welcoming environment, the City of Delafield Police Department adheres to the City of Delafield Water Safety rules outlined in the municipal code. 

Thealthy-lakes-program-250he City of Delafield partners up with the Healthy Lakes Program of Wisconsin to help protect the health of our lakes and waterways due to runoff and erosion. The City of Delafield participates in the Healthy Lake Grant Program to secure funding to complete much needed restoration items around the lake.wi-dnr-200

The City of Delafield also partners with the Wisconsin DNR to follow rules set forth by Chapter 30 of the Wisconsin State Statues. Click here for more information. 

Goose Round Up and Egg Oiling

The City of Delafield participates in the USDA Goose Round Up and Egg Oiling program. To sign up for the program, please use our online form or you can use the form included in the Winter Communicator. 

To Opt-Out, we do require a request in writing with a signature. 

Lake Level Meter and USGS Bark River Flow Meter

Are you planning on taking a stroll around the lake on a paddle board? Are you going to kayak down the Bark River?

Check the Lake Level Meter and the USGS Bark River Flow Meter prior to your adventure! Be safe out there!

SEWRPC Community Assistance Planning Report No. 262, 2nd  Edition

Chapter 1 - 2 (pages 1-125)
Chapter 2 Continued (pages 126 - 242)
Chapter 2 Continued (pages 243 - 288)
Chapter 3 (pages 289 - 355)
Appendix A - D (pages 356 - 460)
Appendix E - G (pages 461 - 503)

*Document uploaded in sections due to large file size.