Forms and Brochures

The City of Delafield Police Department wishes to share all available resources with the public to promote a better understanding of the law, the process, and the resources. Below you will find both documents and links to resources both inside and outside of the City of Delafield. 

If you would like information on Waukesha County Crime Resources, please visit their Woman's Center or Family Services. Waukesha County also has a Mediation program. Mediation is confidential problem solving with a neutral mediator assisting both parties. 

Wisconsin also participates in the Victim Information and Notification Everyday program (VINE). The Vinelink can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide powerful information regarding custody changes and criminal case information. 

Open Record Request

If you would like to request a record from the Police Department, please fill out our online form. If you would like a request from the City that is not related to the Police Department, please visit the Clerk's page

Complaint Form

It is the mission of the City of Delafield Police Department to provide effective and efficient services to residents and visitors in order to maintain a safe and secure community. Ensuring our officers are held accountable for their actions is part of that mission. The Citizen Commendation/Complaint form is one way citizens can help us maintain that accountability.

Ride Along Rules and Application

The Delafield Police Department has a Ride-Along Program that gives civilians the opportunity to observe law enforcement patrol activities. The goal is to help riders understand the problems and concerns of law enforcement, while establishing lines of communication between law enforcement officers and the community. For information on the program, please see the Rules, Policies and Procedures form. 

Voluntary Statement Form

If you would like to include your comments in a statement for the police records, please use this Voluntary Statement Form. The form must be completed and signed at the bottom. 

Traffic Statement Form

If you would like to include your comments in a statement regarding a traffic incident or you have been asked by an officer to fill out the traffic statement form, please do so here. The completed and signed form may be emailed to the police email address listed on this page. 

Occupancy Listing

If you have updated your occupancy information, you must inform both the Police Department and the Fire Department. Please fill out the City of Delafield Police and Fire Department Occupancy Listing and email to the Police Department email listed on this page.