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Liquor License Application July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

  1. Now Accepting Credit Cards!!
    Use the link on the submission confirmation page after you hit submit to pay with a credit card.
  2. City of Delafield Liquor License Application
    Please fill out the entire form before submitting. Any incomplete applications will receive an email denial with reason. The license iteself cannot be completed until the police have completed their background check, the Common Council has approved the license, and the payment has been made. Note: if there are any outstanding invoices due to the City or the County, you may not be approved until those invoices are paid in full. Complete payment should be mailed to the Clerk's office at 500 Genesee St. Delafield, WI 53018. TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, USE THE LINK ON THE SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION PAGE.
  3. And we are applying for a...*
    There is a publication fee of $20.00 for every application.
  4. Disclaimer
    The City would like to collect the payment for your license in full at the time of the application. We understand we cannot make that a condition of your license. It does however speed up the process by which you receive your license.
  6. State Forms
    Below are links to the required State Forms. You must print off the most recent version (linked), fill them out, sign them, and upload them into this space. You do not need to upload individually. A copy of your sellers permit is also required.
  7. *You must include your Sellers Permit Number and your EIN
  8. Make Sure You Upload Everything*
    Note: the forms from the DOR DO NOT SAVE with your filled items. You must print and scan. If you save and upload, we get a blank form and will email you to do it again.
  9. Agent Appointment*
  10. Liquor License Premise Description
  11. What you list will appear on your license.
  12. What you list will appear on your license. This must confirm with what you have listed on your Business Plan of Operation with the City.
  13. If you have special events, please include the name of the event or the date if you wish to have it be included in your description.
    Example: Delafield Night Out 2020 on the patio, Art Walk 2020 in the parking lot.
  14. What you list will appear on your license.
  15. Wholesaler Contact Information
  16. This item is required either as an upload or individual list.
  17. Licensed Operators List
    Please include a list of current licensed operators for your business. If you have more than 12, please upload a list in the space below.
  18. This item is required either as an upload or individual list.
    By submitting this document, you acknowledge the following: I understand I must pay the license fee in full if I wish to have a liquor license assigned to my business. I understand I can have no outstanding bills with the City of Delafield and possibly Waukesha County. I understand the agent information is sent to the Police Department for a background check, a legal notice for the license is placed in the paper, and the Common Council must approve the license application before the Clerk can send me my license. I understand if I hold a reserve license, my license does not come with me if I move my business to another location. I understand I cannot sell my liquor license to someone else; they have to apply through the City and I either relinquish my license within the year or when I do not pay for my license the following year, it will revert back to the City.
  20. No paper licenses will be mailed out except upon written request. Licenses must be displayed and be visible from the point of sale.
    If you have a business with a drive up service, please include your outside drive up in your premise description. Note: if you have not already changed your business plan of operation to include the drive up portion as part of your business, you may be operating illegally. Check with the City Planner if you are unsure.
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