Planning and Development Checklists


Applicants with conceptual proposals are required to meet with the City Planner before applying to be on the Plan Commission. A review will be completed and you will be informed if you need to attend a Plan Staff meeting. A Plan Staff meeting is an informal meeting with the Mayor, Engineer, Planner, Attorney, Administrator, Building Inspector and Fire Department in which each department reviews your proposal and helps prepare you for the Plan Commission meeting. These meetings are by appointment only on Wednesday mornings.

Use these checklists to ensure you have the items the planner, engineer, or building inspector are looking for. To have the items listed will move your overall project along more quickly. 

Boat House Checklist
Conditional Use Checklist - Requires Public Hearing
Certified Survey Map Checklist (CSM) - Used when combining or splitting a parcel. Check with the planner before submitting to Waukesha County.
Site Plan Checklist - Required when changing building colors, structure, grading, lighting, or landscaping.
Permanent Sign Checklist - This checklist is for permanent signs only. Click the link to apply for a temporary sign.

The checklists below are very specific to projects (LEVEL C CHECKLISTS):
Building Plan Checklist
Grading Plan Checklist
Landscape Plan Checklist  
Lighting Plan Checklist
Plat of Survey Checklist 
Storm Water Management Checklist