Planning and Community Development

The City of Delafield contracts to third party vendors for Planning, Inspection, and Engineering services.

​​For planning and general "where do I begin?" queries, please start with the City Planner.

​If you would like information about smaller projects such as fences, swimming pools, single family residential home additions, etc., please call the City Building Inspector.

​If you already have a plan in place and need to fine tune building plans or storm water agreements, please call our City Engineer.

​Any fees incurred from the third party vendors may pass through to the applicant. The

Professional Services Agreement

must be signed before being seen by any Council, Board, Committee, or Commission.

We accept credit cards, cash, and checks. Credit Card payments can be made here: 

Contact Us

  1. Scott Hussinger - Building Inspector
    City Hall (Lower Level)
    500 Genesee St.
    Delafield, WI  53018
    Ph: 262-490-8222
    Fx: 262-646-6223
  2. Mike Court - City Engineer
    501 Maple Ave. 
    Delafield, WI 53018
    Ph: 414.949.8905
  3. Amy Barrows - City Planner
    501 Maple Ave
    Delafield, WI 53018

    Ph. 414-949-8991 Direct
    By Phone - Monday and Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
    In Office - Wednesdays 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

PC flow

The City Planner Process

The full process in color can be viewed here.

Because this process is so complex and a third party planner is involved, we encourage you to confirm your completed application with both the City and the Planner prior to the deadline.

Please note the process may be cyclical depending on how many times you are asked to revise. Other steps may be included in this process such as a preliminary Plan Commission presentation prior to a full review of material or a Public Hearing which will require additional notices and time.  

  1. Contact the City Planner
  2. Plan Staff Meeting (if needed)
  3. Revisions based on Planner and City feedback
  4. Planner Full Review
  5. Plan Commission
    1. Park & Recreation Commission if needed - separate fee
    2. Lake Welfare Committee if needed - separate fee
    3. Public Works Committee if needed - separate fee
    4. All Commissions and Committees include the verbiage "subject to approval by the Common Council"
  6. Common Council (approve, approve with conditions, deny.

Where to begin

Helpful Items

Deadline Calendar

Planning and Community Development Checklists

Waukesha County Register of Deeds Recording Guidelines

Final Plans include but are not limited to: Final Conditional Use, Final Storm Water Maintenance Agreement, Final Deeds, Covenants, Restrictions, Final Site Plan, Final CSM, Final Building floor plans and elevations, Final Engineering Plan, Final Landscape Plan, Final Erosion Control Plan, Final Tree Mitigation Plan, Final Storm Water Report, Final Traffic Report, Final Developers Agreement, Final Plat of Survey with Easements. 

Checklists to make sure you have all items completed correctly are linked above. We strongly encourage you to use these checklists in conjunction with the Planner meeting. 

We encourage all applicants to submit items well before the deadlines. All application material must be submitted in its entirety. No late portions to a submission will be accepted. Use the deadline calendar to ensure you are submitting your items on time. Items submitted to these third party vendors will be passed to the City Hall Clerk’s Office and included in the packet for the Council, Board, Commission, or Committee. The third party vendors have a deadline of their own to get items to the Clerk for publication. Late items will be placed on the next agenda for that meeting group.

Online Planning and Community Development Application 

Business Plan of Operation

Did you miss something? Use the Planning and Community Development Additional Item Upload

Please Note: Public Works submissions will require paper copies of your submission in its entirety. 

For more Applications and Forms, please visit our Applications and Forms page.