Operator/Bartender License

Operators Licenses are commonly called Bartender Licenses. A Bartender License is required for anyone serving and/or selling beer, wine and/or liquor, whether it's in a restaurant, bar, gas station, or grocery store.

Bartender License Application

When submitting your completed application:
​ 1.) Do not sign unless with a notary. Notary Public services are available for bartender's licenses at the City Hall.
​ 2.) Bring $30 in cash or a $30 check
​ 3.) A copy of your Driver's License
​ 4.) Your Responsible Beverage Server Training Course Certificate of Completion, taken within the last two (2) years
​            -(If you do not have a current license in another municipality and have not taken this class in the last two
​              years, you must retake it)
 ​5.) The employer verification form

Once the documents are submitted to the Clerk's Office, your application is sent to the Police Department for a background check. If the background check comes back clear, the Clerk's Office will process your Bartender License and place it on the Common Council Agenda for the next available meeting. If the background check yields results, the Police Chief determines if the Bartender License should be approved or denied. A denial will be accompanied with a letter to the applicant only.

​Bartender Licenses, once approved by the Common Council, will be mailed out to the applicant unless otherwise notified at the time of submittal.

​Licenses are good from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Applicants must reapply every year.
​Fees are subject to change.