Nagawicka Lake Watershed

Slow-No Wake

When the water level of Nagawicka Lake rises to a level of 10 inches or more above the maximum permitted water level then the entire lake shall be considered a restricted area designated as "SLOW - NO WAKE" and no person shall operate any watercraft at any location on the lake in excess of 3 mph nor in excess of a speed which creates a wake, whichever is less. The "SLOW - NO WAKE" designation shall remain in place until the water level recedes to a level that is less than 8 inches above the maximum permitted water level.

Protecting Delafield’s Greatest Natural Asset
Water has a special meaning to the area we live. In fact, it could be said that water is central to making the Lake Country area unique and highly desirable area to call home. This article will goes through some of the issues facing our water resources and will provide some suggestions local business and home owners can do to protect the special nature of our Lake Country area.

Protecting Your Waterfront Investment
People prefer clean water and will pay more to live on lakes with better water quality. What you and your neighbors do to sustain or improve water quality will improve resale potential. On the other hand, if water quality is degraded, lower property values could result.

Rain Gardens
Storm water runoff from developed areas increases flooding; carries pollutants from streets, parking lots and even lawns into local streams and lakes; and leads to costly municipal improvements in storm water treatment structures. By reducing storm water runoff, rain gardens can be a valuable part of changing these trends. While an individual rain garden may seem like a small thing, collectively they substantial benefits and can be your personal contribution to clean water.